ICT Governance : Director Roles and Responsibilities

Join us for a webinar on ICT Governance: Director Roles and Responsibilities.

The Institute of Directors Zimbabwe is pleased to invite its members and stakeholders to a webinar on the roles and responsibilities of Directors in ICT Governance, on Monday 11 May 2020, at 1100 hours Harare.

Mr. Newton Madzikwa (Executive Director, EY Zimbabwe),
Eng. Jacob Mutisi (Chairman ZICT),
Mr. Lovemore Nyatsine (CEO Clean City Africa, VAYA Logistics and Ownai)

Moderator: Dr Mike Juru (Chairman Institute of Directors Zimbabwe)

Focus will be on how ICT governance is a responsibility of Directors.
• Digital- In Crisis and Beyond
• The different aspects of digital
• Whose Agenda is it?
• Who owns the digital strategy?

o What are the components of the digi-strategy?
o Why is each aspect important?

• Value of Digital presence in Crisis
• Defining the new normal post crisis
• Call to action



Hosted By: admin
Start: May 25, 2020 @ 11:20 am
Duration: 40
Timezone: Africa/Harare

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